Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I had all intentions of getting a picture of the girls in their Halloween costumes to post this morning.............intentions don't always become reality. Especially with 2 fussy babies which is what we had last night. So! I'll definitely take some this evening and will post those over the weekend.

I got home from Orlando on Weds night -- D picked me up from the airport with the girls.....they looked so big! He had a good few days with them but he was ready for me to be home.

All is well in our household. The girls were 5 mos old on the 27th - I can't believe it. They're smiling, kicking, cooing.....all good things. We're convinced Sofia is trying her hardest to roll over. She's starting to try to turn her body. She practices at night when she's supposed to be sleeping because when I check on her in the morning, she's turned almost all the way around in her crib. Too cute!

We're having kids in our office today for trick or treating.......I SO wanted the girls to be able to come but home is healthier for now. They'll be here next year, though!

Here are a couple of recent pictures of the girls..............they've been introduced to accessories!!!

Until next time!

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