Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Follow-up clinic

We took the girls to the developmental follow-up clinic today. We saw all kinds of people -- a pediatrician, pediatric nurse, social worker, physical therapist, interns......and on and on. The girls qualified to go to the follow-up clinic as a result of their gestational age at birth as well as their birth weight. It's just a way to observe them and make sure they're meeting milestones according to their adjusted age (1.5 mos - the age they would have been had they been born at or near their 40-wk due date).

Based on today, the girls are looking great. Both girls have skills falling within the 1 - 2 month age range so they're right on target with their adjusted age. Both girls seem to favor one side and tends to turn her head to that side resulting in a flat spot on their heads. Sofia's is a little more noticeable than Olivia's. The PT gave us some little stretches to make sure their neck muscles on the side they do not favor doesn't get tight and that they keep full range of motion from side to side. Even though they both tend to favor a side (Olivia's left side and Sofia's right side), they are still able to turn their heads to the opposite side, especially to see a toy. Because she wants to monitor their progress with the exercises and stretching, we are taking the girls back in 1 month for a visit only with the PT. We take them back in 3 mos for a full follow-up visit.

The other thing they told us was to stop the rice cereal feedings. Apparently they recommend feedings between 4 and 6 months adjusted and not chronologically. I know their pediatrician was aware they were preemies because we had just had a conversation about their weights and how they are still off the growth chart. We're going to call the pediatrician and ask her opinion as to whether we stop or continue but maybe reduce the amount and bring it down to 1 feeding a day instead of 2. They did tell us today that it won't hurt them to keep eating the rice cereal but they don't need it. I'd like to continue feeding them at least once a day -- they're doing so well and not showing the reflex where they push the food out of their mouth.

As with any medical professional we encounter, we always discuss RSV (click the link to read more about RSV) and the whole quarantining thing. This discussion came when the PT, pediatric nurse and 2 others were in the room and we were discussing the RSV vaccinations and, as always, they reinforced keeping the girls home and away from people who have been sick and keeping traffic in our house to a minimum. Quite the bummer but completely worth it to keep the girls healthy. They start the synagis shots in October through March.

That's about all from us for today.....oh - Sofia weighed 9lb 3oz today and Olivia weighed 9lb 15oz -- they both gained 4 oz in 6 days -- perfect!!

I'm off to my favorite store to find some toys with noise and lights to put in their cribs at night in an attempt to keep their heads turned away from the side they favor. Hey....any excuse to shop is a good excuse, right?!?!?

Until next time.

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