Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oh Baby We're Home

We made it home around 4:30 this afternoon. It's so surreal to me.......we've been waiting for this day for so long......longer than the 6 weeks since the girls were born. Now I'm sitting in my living room watching my baby girls sleep. I can't believe it.

It's actually been an overwhelming day. This morning we still weren't sure when we were going home and I definitely didn't expect it to be today, but when the doctor came in to go over the results of the various tests (more in a sec), he told us we could take them home today if we wanted to. Did we ever!! At that moment it hit me that this was for real and I couldn't help but cry. All of a sudden I was happy, nervous, scared, name it. The actual leaving was bittersweet. We've seen the NICU staff day in and day out for 6 weeks and you really get to know people. Two of our favorite nurses took care of us last night and today - 2 of our night time primaries so they've been with us from the day the girls were born.

As far as test results, the PDA in Sofia has closed so she doesn't have to follow-up with a cardiologist at a later date like her sister. Both cranial scans were fine - they don't use "normal" so one isn't misled to believe there won't be any developmental issues in the future, but they saw nothing unusual or unexpected. Both girls passed their hearing test as well as the car seat test.

We have been so blessed with the health of our girls and for all the thoughts and prayers of such wonderful friends and family. We're ready to start the next phase with our family (hello sleepless nights......). Keep coming back here for pictures and updates!!

And the journey continues................................

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