Thursday, July 24, 2008

About those babies.....

Dear Mom and Dad.........

When you first told me there were going to be 2 new additions to our house, I didn't believe you.And then when Mom went away for a while I knew something wasn't right. Mom has gone away before but I never had to go to Grandma's and she was never gone for that long. But then one day she came home and everything was back to normal. Well both would leave me every day - twice - and I was never allowed to go with you. But then one day Dad picked me up from Grandma's and brought me home and something was different. It took me a while of sniffing around, but then I saw them.

Okay. So they're cute. They're really cute. Not quite as cute as I was when I was that little but close. This was really happening. So now we need to talk...........

Since the girls have been home, I've been feeling sort of left out. There doesn't seem to be as much time to play................and there are even all these great new toys that, for some reason, I'm not allowed to touch. Oh oh oh....not to mention that now I'm locked out of certain rooms in my own house. What's up with that?? And can I just say that it's not as quiet around here as it used to be??

I've tried everything but as hard as I try I'm just not one of them..... but I'm still part of this family. I promise I'll continue to be good around the babies and I'll even keep you company when you get up at night with the girls. Well sometimes...but I can definitely babysit during the day!
I guess these girls aren't so bad afterall......some changes to get used to, but I guess they can stay.
Love - Barley
PS - Can I still sleep on the bed?

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