Saturday, June 14, 2008

Will post new pics soon!

I've gotten slack with the pictures - I'll post some new ones soon! I carry my camera with me all the time and have pictures stored on my camera. I finally sat down yesterday and printed several pictures to start my "brag book". Where does the time go??!! It's crazy to think all we really do is spend our days between the hospital and home, and the occasional trip to the dr for me, yet I find there aren't enough hours in the day.

Our girls continue to do well -- not too much to report, which is a good thing. They would have been 32 weeks gestation today.

Sofia is still on continuous feeding at 7.6 ml / hr. She seems to be tolerating it, although there have been times when her belly looks "puffy". The nurse yesterday seemed concerned and had the doctor look at it, but the doctor didn't seem to be as concerned and they've made no changes to her feeding. A puffy belly could indicate potential infection or various other things or it could just mean she's still a little slow in digesting...........we're trying to figure out how concerned we should be because we're getting mixed messages, although most messages seem to be there's no reason to be concerned. They're going to continue to watch her but they're not going to do any other testing unless she shows other signs (changes in temperature, behavior, etc.) of problems. When I called early this morning (I can't believe I was awake at 1am) to check on the girls, Sofia was doing well and her belly looked fine. She continues to gain weight - last night she weighed in at 2lb 12.6oz.

Olivia is doing well with compression feeding. She's getting 24ml over 1.5 hours and the ultimate goal is over 30 minutes to prepare her for bottle feeding although that won't happen today. They tried to go to 1 hour and it was a little too much for her. She's getting oh so close to 3lbs and weighed in at 2lb 15.8oz last night.

We're hoping they're going to let the girls start regulating their body temperature today. D and I went in search of preemie onesies yesterday................apparently there's not many stores out there who realize that babies can be born weighing less than 5lbs. We needed short-sleeved onesies...........not as quick and easy as it sounds. We finally found them at Burlington Coat Factory - mission accomplished. There are 20 onesies that look the same, but hey - the girls have clothes - haha!

That's about all from here for now. Pictures soon! Until next time.

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