Monday, June 16, 2008


We got to the hospital this morning and went through our normal routine.........except that I'm finally able to walk to the hospital from the parking garage. We get to the NICU, wash our hands and call in...."This is.........we're here to see........." and I'm waiting for her to open the doors and the nice lady says "Oh.....we've moved your babies to the other unit.....and that's a good thing." I'm guessing she throws in "that's a good thing" to help the surprise. I heard her say that to someone else last week. D knows it's a good thing, but at that moment, I'm quite flustered. I like routine - we've gotten settled into this routine and now things have changed....and I wasn't ready for a change!!

We walk back the way we came and go to the new intercom and they let us into the step-down unit - NICU 2 - and much to my surprise and relief, I see familiar faces all over the place. I was glad to hear our primary nurses are supposed to follow the girls to NICU 2....we'll see if that actually happens. We really like a couple of our night nurses and I would hate to not see them again.

The girls are now together in their own room (with a door!) and apparently are considered "feeders and growers" since that's who they mainly send to NICU 2. I'm over being flustered and now realize what a great move this is, especially for what it means for their health. Funny, though - when we saw the girls, I was talking to both of them and realized I didn't know who was who - haha. My story (and I'm sticking to it) is that I was so flustered................

Until next time!

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