Monday, June 23, 2008

Still growin'!

The girls are doing well although I'm not sure Olivia has gotten over being photographed in a Clemson hat..................haha!

They've both had several days where they have consistently gained weight or held steady instead of losing. Last night, Sofia weighed in at 3lbs 4.3oz and was 15" long. Olivia weighed 3lbs 7.8oz (big girl!!) and was 15 1/2" long. Sofia is definitely catching up.

The best news of all is that for the past couple of days, nurses have NOT heard a heart murmur in either of the girls which, we hope, means the PDA has closed in both of them. Olivia has another echo scheduled in early July since hers was so large to start with, but the fact that no one can hear a murmur is great.

On Wednesday we're going to try giving both girls a bottle. The suck and swallow reflex typically doesn't develop until 34 weeks gestation and the girls haven't been ready. Sofia hasn't tried but she loves her pacifier and we're hoping that means she'll take to the bottle.

They will be 4 weeks old tomorrow and would have been 33 weeks gestation this past Saturday. As D and I were holding them last night, I was looking at both girls...........I can't get over the fact that they're not even supposed to be here but here we were holding 2 perfect little girls............

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