Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I took mom for a visit last night and we were talking to one of the neonatologists. I mentioned that I was still having trouble telling them apart in pictures (and I feel terrible about that) and I was hoping to be able to see them side by side (in person). (Ha- of course I know who they are in person.....Sofia's on the right side of their NICU pod and Olivia is on the left..........). He said "Are you sure they're not identical? They do have the same blood type." So that got me thinking. I know it's possible to have the same blood type and not be identical, but thinking back we've never really asked the question about the chances of them being identical. We've always assumed, based on our very first ultrasound, they were fraternal but the doctor never confirmed either way. Even the nurses agree they very much look alike.

I still have a hunch they're fraternal and, as they develop, we'll start seeing different features. We're not going to have them tested - there's fairly extensive genetic testing they can do to confirm - but they're going through enough in the hospital and we're not going to put them through unnecessary testing. Time will tell and we can wait for that.

Just thought I'd share....that was an "aha moment" for me last night. Hope you're doing well and have a great day. We're almost on our way to visit our girls so I'll hopefully have an update later on.

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