Thursday, June 19, 2008

Guess who is THREE pounds!!!

We have (hopefully) left the 2's behind and now have our sights set on 4! Olivia continues to put on weight rather quickly - tonight she weighed in at 3lbs 3.9oz (2 days ago she weighed 3lbs 1.8 oz). Sofia broke 3lbs tonight weighing in at 3lb 1.1oz. She tends to yo-yo more than Olivia but hopefully she'll stay in the 3's.

Sofia's feeds are now down to 30 minute bolus feedings with the next change to 20 minutes. Olivia has been on 20 minute bolus feedings and yesterday we tried her first bottle!!!! She didn't seem too interested - she likes the pacifier better - but she took a couple of cc's before we stopped. We don't want to push her too hard so that she doesn't burn unnecessary calories getting frustrated.

Both girls are slowly being weaned on the temperature in their isolettes and both girls have been borderline with their body temps the last couple of days. If they consistently stay 36.5C or above, they drop the isolette a few tenths of a degree and then see how they do. Unfortunately over the last day they've not been able to drop the isolette temperature. It's slow going but they'll get the hang of it. We keep telling them they have a huge wardrobe just waiting for them - hahaha!

Both girls will also be weaned off caffeine. They've been receiving caffeine since about their 3rd day to help with the A&B episodes. Since neither girl has had a documented A&B episode (only gets documented if they don't bring themselves back up on their own, or if they do self-correct but have several episodes in a row) in the last week, they're seeing how they do without caffeine. We shall see! That'll mean no more medication for them!

D and I went to Build A Bear tonight and built a teddy bear for each of our little ones. It was cute but the girl putting the stuffing in the bears was talking to us like we were 8 years old - haha. We got to push the pedal to fill the bear.......pick out a heart.......make a wish......etc. etc. Quite cute, but it felt funny to be standing there with her talking to us like she was - haha!

Here are a few pictures from the last couple of days:

(1) Sofia (taken by her nurse on Saturday night)
(2) Olivia's "3lb portrait" - also taken by her nurse
(3) Olivia with her new teddy bear
(4) Sofia with her new teddy bear
(5) Olivia's first try with a bottle

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