Thursday, April 17, 2008


My doctor's visit today went great -- no change. That makes a full week where I've been stable. Here's hoping we've found the right combination of meds to continue to stay stable! I had a rough day yesterday so I was nervous there had been changes in the wrong direction. My next appointment is next Wednesday, the 23rd, where they'll do an anatomy exam so we'll get to see how the babies are doing and how I'm doing. Hopefully I'll have some good pictures. Mom is taking me so we can reserve D's days off for when we have emergencies and I'm excited for her to get to see the girls.

In other news, I've finally figured out how to sleep comfortably at night (and no.....there is no Ambien involved - haha). It involves 5 pillows, the ceiling fan (poor D) and a rolled beach towel, but hey --- whatever works, right?!?!?!! At least I don't have to hate nights anymore. (I hope I've not jinxed myself)!

That's about all going on here. D is almost finished with his first week at his new job and seems to be enjoying it. I think it's a little slow for him for now until he learns about all the tasks for which he'll be responsible, but he likes it already. He doesn't like leaving me in the morning - he had a week and a half before he started his new job and he had gotten used to being at home with us, but he's doing well.

Until next time!

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