Sunday, May 28, 2006

House - May 28th's the latest and greatest of the house. I forgot to get a picture with the driveway poured....I'll do that next time, but otherwise the outside is pretty much finished -- they just have to do some final grading and lay the sod. We did find out that we're closing on June 29th or 30th -- and we are EXCITED about that. We went shopping today and found a refrigerator as well as bedroom and dining room furniture.

Here's a few pics from today:

Here's the front porch almost finished out. They have to put the roof on, but other than that, it's done - including the porch surface being poured. You can see a piece of the sidewalk in the foreground.

Standing in front of the front door, looking at the porch. The 2 windows are to the study.

Foyer looking up the stairs. They've added the stair railings. The door on the left is the half bathroom, and the opening at the far back downstairs is part of the opening from the kitchen to the morning room.

Standing in the kitchen looking into the family room. They've added the baseboards and the walls are ready for painting.

Standing in the living room looking into the dining room. They've added the columns, all the doorway framing and the chair rail in the dining room. The 2 windows look into the backyard.

I think the columns are my mom's favorite part of the house!! (No, mom - we're not going to wrap them in garland at Christmas time - haha!).

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